Angoulême International Comics Festival

Last week I went to Angoulême with 22 Dutch comic artists! (Joost Swarte, Hanco Kolk, Henk Kuipers, Barbara Stok and many more). It was a very great week. We made posters about the French actuality, then the posters were screenprinted live for public. The festival was very well visited, and our 'Atelier Néerlandais' was well visited too!

Here you find more about the project, called: 'La Bédé est dans la rue'

The 'Atelier Néerlandais': atelier01 Artists from other countries were welcome to make a poster too, so there were some French comic artists, and a artist/publisher from Sweden who made a poster too. atelier02 Espace Franquin: this was our temporary studio. (Photo by Maaike Hartjes) franquin Live printing: (Photo by Maaike Hartjes) zeefdrukken The posters were spread through the whole city. aangeplakt02 :D aangeplakt In the afternoon the was enough time to visit all the exhibitions.. So much inspiration!! inspi03 (Marion Fayolle) inspi1 Saw many drawings from Little Nemo and drawings inspired by these stories.

Every evening we ate together, that was very nice and I met many new people . eten ete Of course this project was the perfect opportunity to collect some drawings from my colleagues ;) Franka by Henk Kuipers: henk And I have a drawing by Cyril Pedrosa! pedrosa And one from Mattias Adolfsson! mattias At the end of the great week we collect all our posters and make packages of it to bring home. zeefdrukinpakken Made a last screenprint together: poster

February 2014