Graphic novel The wake

My graphic novel The Wake, a cooperation with Ronald Giphart, will be published this november and be sold in Dutch and Belgian bookstores.

In the narration a professor and his wife make a hike in Sweden. Disaster strikes when the professor falls from a mountain and dies. His friends decide to maintain to an old promise and wake for him one night. Because everything is possible in literature , the professor sees the wake posthumously : 'The closer to death , the less crap and a waste of time we should allow ourselves . At least that would have been better if it was I who had watched with a friend who died.'

the feeling Nanne Meulendijks turned the story into images. In her words : I want exactly the thin , quiet atmosphere , the fogginess , the discomfort and emotional portrayal of the time , when a loved one dies and friends hold a vigil. This I've got through the subtle body language of the characters , just the right facial expression , the development of the characters and the position .

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October 2013

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