Affordable Art Fair Brussels

You can visit the Affordable Art Fair Brussels until this sunday.
I've been there from thursday - friday afternoon, it was a very pleasant trip!
Mischa and Nanning Tydeman rented a beautiful appartement, and we had a lot of fun!
The Affordable Art Fair was great, we had a nice stand and there were many interested people.

Artwork by Rutger Termohlen, Daniëlle Smits, Gijs Kast, Paul Tas, Jan Peter van Opheusden and Nanne Meulendijks. Represented by Tydeman Gallery.

February 2012

Bye bunny

Bunny died this week.

Close up

February 2012

Affordable Art Fair Brussels

Everything is ready for the Affordable Art Fair Brussels this week!

Art lovers can rest assured that the long-awaited fourth edition of 'their' event is coming!

For this fourth edition of the Affordable Art Fair Brussels welcomes from 9 to 12 February 2012 more than 90 international galleries at the Tour & Taxis (Brussels). It is the unmissable art event for anyone who wants to find themselves their perfect work of art.

Everyone can find something for which the heart will beat faster!

Diversity is always the password at the Affordable Art Fair. Classical art forms (painting, photography, sculpture) join with techniques that are lesser known (etching, lithography, …). You can find artworks from artists with great reputation next to hot young talent. Artworks are available for every taste, and without getting bankrupt! Prices are always between €50 and €5000: so you can fall in love freely and return home with a treasure under your arm.

My work will be represented by Gallery Tydeman. Other participants are Rutger Termohlen, Gijs Kast, Paul Tas, Daniëlle Smits, Jan Peter van Opheusden.

Below some of the works I'll exhibit at AAF this week.

From the fairy tale Snow White, after she lived happily ever after (for adults only ;))

An illustration for newpaper, about transsexualism

An illustration for NRC Handelsblad newspaper. Who will save the euro..? (Not Prince Charming, I guess...)

February 2012

New project

Made a drawing with a pretty frame!


February 2012

Website updated!

My website is updated! Lots of new work and illustrations I made recently.
Do you have an assignment (newspaper, magazine, childrens' book, wallpainting), or do you want to buy an illustration, feel free to contact me:

Go and have a look ;) at

January 2012

Illustrations by Nanne Meulendijks

Some illustrations I made through the years.
These are Matchboox, literary stories in a matchbox. I worked with a few well-known Dutch writers to make these small leporellos. When you want to have a close look, please take a look at my website, there you can scroll the whole book.

Matchboox, literary stories in a Matchbox. 'The blind traveller', by Ronald Giphart.
Matchboox 'Dry throat' by Wilfried de Jong
Matchboox 'Minestrone' by Sylvia Witteman

This 'Fanfare' I made for the Dutch Lithography Museum. This is the design, it became a 8-color lithographic...!

Look here for more information about the museum.

Me and the litho, proud with this difficult but very great project!

Here are some illustrations I made for newspaper.
About being mum and staying 'zen'

About autism

About the eternal search for true love

A cover-illustration for the book 'Snow-white, 20 years after living 'happily ever after', published by Davidsfonds.

Snow-white and her friends

A drawing just for fun

Me and Herman Pieter de Boer, the writer I'm making a graphic novel with! He wrote the story 'The slow woman'.

At my exhibition in Eindhoven at the Ton Smits Huis

The slow woman in her chair, being slow...

January 2012


I will try to make a drawing a week this year, because I have lots of ideas, but never take time to do something with it ;) Let's see if I can keep my promise...
Last week I made this drawing about dying.

Dying - acrylic on paper 59x41,5

This week I stayed with the subject I guess...

Throat - acrylic on paper 59x41,5

January 2012

Wisselbeker voor de best communicerende OCW’er

Een paar maanden terug stopte het personeelsblad 'Punt' van het Ministerie van Onderwijs Cultuur en Wetenschap. Heel erg jammer, ik heb namelijk jarenlang met veel plezier maandelijks een illustratie voor de Punt gemaakt.

Er werd feestelijk afscheid genomen van 'onze Punt'. Er was een laatste exemplaar voor iedereen die heeft meegewerkt aan de Punt, en wat stond daarin...? Een supergroot artikel...'en toen was er Nanne'.

De laatste Punt

Mijn laatste opdracht voor OCW was het maken van een 'Wisselbeker', voor de best communicerende OCW'er. Deze wisselbeker werd uitgereikt door minister Marja van Bijsterveld.
Het is de bedoeling dat deze wisselbeker elk jaar aan iemand wordt uitgereikt binnen OCW.

Dit is de wisselbeker, het origineel hangt nu ergens binnen het ministerie...!

Zoek de wisselbeker..!

January 2012

Graphic novel finished in 2011..!

I've been working on my graphic novel 'The slow woman' in collaboration with Herman Pieter de Boer for 1,5 years. The drawings are ready, now the graphic designer is working on it.

My goals
One of the goals of this (own) project was to improve my painting skills, draw better backgrounds and work more with light and dark.  I wanted to experiment with different ways to paint.

I am happy I can say for myself it worked out well. In the graphic novel you can see the change in my painting techniques when you look at it from beginning to end.
I accidentally used different techniques to paint and to communicate the right emotions.
So I discovered and learned very much!!
The other goal of this graphic novel was to find a way to make self-initiated artwork. Because I had a hard time to start making my own artwork (instead of assignments), I decided to make a graphic novel. I guess it solved my problem: I don't find it difficult to start with a new own project anymore.
Another goal reached ;)

all the pages...and the pages I did again..and again...;)
Finishing the book
After 1,5 years of working on this graphic novel, I found it was time to finish it, before the new year 2012 should begin. In the last weeks of 2011 I worked and worked on 'The slow woman' , and I did finish it: at december 30th.
The graphic designer will take care of it now ;) and hopefully there will be a publisher in 2012.

On the last day of 2011 I cleaned up my studio...and painted my old grey tables white and shiny..!
Now I cant wait to start with all the new plans I have for this year.
Maybe a new graphic novel......? ;)

Adelbert and the doctor try to scare the living daylight out of Zita to cure her slowness...

The slow woman laying on the bed...

Me in my studio working on 'The slow woman'

Fresh painted tables to make lots of great new work on in 2012!

January 2012

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