Article in BN De Stem (local newspaper) één rijtje met Marlies Dekkers..leuk! ;D

August 2011

NRC Handelsblad illustration (newspaper)

Today in NRC Handelsblad: what was our prime minister doing this summer..?

August 2011

Did you know…

A while ago, I made an artwork for Alfa Romeo's anniversary: 100 years Alfa Romeo.
It's on the website:

And this is the painting, they sell them as posters ;)

It's called 'The ideal girlfriend'. Need I say more..?

August 2011

Made a nice postcard for the comic-exhibition.

Today I made a postcard/flyer for the comic exhibition september 8th.

August 2011

Benelux Beeldverhalen Prijs

A few months ago I joined a contest..didn't win, but made a nice comic-spread which was in the 'shortlist'.
The story is also by Herman Pieter de Boer, and is called: 'The woman in the moonlight'.

The story:

Janne and Mans are a very poor couple. But the love each other so much, the get one child after another..!
The don't even have names, they can't remember them anyway.
Mans has had it, he doen not want more children. What can he do about it?
He turns to the pastor for advice. But the pastor is very content with all Mans' children.
So he goes to the pub and has a few drinks.
He tells his story to a stranger.

The strangers tells Mans he must go to the old witch in the forest.

The next day, Mans is on his way.
The witch tells Mans, after he pays her with some food, his wife, Janne, must go stand naked in the water, with full moon.

Then she must say: 'o moon, o water, I can't feed all there children.'

This will solve the problem.

And it does. Janne becomes very ill, and after a week, she falls out of the bed. Dead.

It's on this website as well:

August 2011

Stripfestival Breda september 8, 2011

September 8th 2011: The 'grande opening' of the Comic Festival Breda! You can see many comics and graphic novels in the Centrum voor Beeldcultuur at the exhibition called 'New Talent'. Artists like Tim Enthoven and Bart Nijstad will show their work, and my graphic novel 'The slow woman' will be exhibited there!

In the Graphic Design Museum there's an exhibition by Peter Pontiac, the winner of the Marten Toonder Award, and Wasco.

Hope to see you there!

August 2011

Publisher needed for graphic novel ‘The slow woman’!

Working on my first graphic novel since summer 2010!

This graphic novel is a collaboration with well-known writer Herman Pieter de Boer.I worked full time on this project because the Fonds BKVB supported me.
Special thanks to Gert Jan Pos!

The slow woman is about a happily married couple; Adelbert and Zita.
They are in love and everything 's just perfect.
But suddenly, Zita is turning slow.
Nothing seems to work to make her better...
Will she become a living statue..?

Information about the writer:
Herman Pieter de Boer (song)writer, wrote many songs for Kinderen voor kinderen
(o.a. Onbewoond Eiland en Waanzinnig gedroomd),
and beside a lot of great short stories like 'The slow woman', he wrote songs for o.a. Rob de Nijs, Gerard Joling en Ramses Shaffy (Laat me).

Information about the illustrator:
I work as an illustrator for five years now, I make illustrations for national newspapers, magazines, (childrens') books and musea, o.a. NRC, Trouw,Volkskrant, Ministerie van OCW, Opzij,
Lannoo, Davidsfonds, Het Nederlands Steendrukmuseum, Nationaal Historisch museum,
and I work with well known writers as Ronald Giphart and Arnon Grunberg.
I am still working on the spreads, but you'll get an impression with these images below! ;)

August 2011

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