The done thing (2006) Graduation project

tachtig ('De dictatuur van Dat hoort zo') Part of a series from 10.

'People don't turn eighty, when the family doesn't rent a hall'

This project is about the way in which society tries to dictate the behaviour of individuals, and is inspired by the narrow-minded way many Dutch people live.

For example situations such as grandma's 80th birthday, complete with rented hall at the community center for the entire family. I find 'The done thing' just like the Communism: it appears like you live in freedom, but if you don't act like your neighbours do, you get suppressed before you even know it..!

With the posters I wat to encourage people in a light-hearted way to adopt a more independent view about this phenomenon.

These posters were my graduation project at art school in 2006, the posters were nominated for the prize 'St. Joostpenning'. For me, these posters represent the moment I knew exactly what I wanted for my work as illustrator.      

January 2013